Pro Lege, Unizo, German Marshall Fund of The USA, Davidsfonds Cultuurreizen, Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel, Nederlandse Vereniging Makelaars, JorNext Rotterdam, Odissee Hogeschool Brussel, Vives Hogeschool Brugge, Stad Genk, AIF+, Rimo Samenlevingsopbouw Limburg, Zij-kant, VGC, Meyers Reizen, De Lijn, Architecten zonder Grenzen, Verhalenhuis Belvédère.

Some Dwarsdenkers co-creation Projects

A community an blog “Ambassadeurs van KVLV” to co-create the topics on which this womens’ organization has to focus the next 6 years. (KVLV)

A book to inspire “slow tourism” in the Province of Antwerp. Co-creation process with 40 professionals from the Touristic Sector of Antwerp . (Antwerp Tourism)

A book about “the future of welfare” in the Province of Limburg. Co-creation process with 15 entrepreneurs. (Voka Limburg)

A community “de specials” with about 50 parents, supporters and employees taking all kinds of actions to unroll a manifest they co-created for the organization that works with disabled people. (Ter Heide)

A youth zone, manifest and future plan with 40 young people from Lissewege in Brugge. A co-created summer camp place ‘De Put”.(Stad Brugge)

An awareness campaign on sustainable commuter traffic on the Ravenshout Industrial Estate. Co-creation process with the “Ravenshout Brigade”: 15 employees from local companies. (Mobiliteit Provincie Limburg)

A national campaign and advertisement. Co-creation process with 15 employers and external professionals from all Flemish Provinces. (Socialistische mutualiteiten)

Diva Project (Report on Various Women from Another Origin. Co-creation process with 12 professional women. (Koning Boudewijn Stichting)

Diary of the future as a vision. Co-creation process with the entire organisation. (Instituut Samenleving en Technologie)

Brochure “Van plein tot plein” with a vision on public space.. Co-creation project with 10 architects and civil servants. (Stad Hasselt)

Concepts for moral leadership. Creative process with 15 employees. (Axa)

Concepts for new touristism products. Creative process with 20 innovative thinkers and employees. (Toerisme Limburg)

Concepts and pitching research projects. Creative process with 12 experts in the sectors of construction and nature. (Bouwlab Technische Universiteit Delft)

“Limburg te voet” showcase and publication. Creative process with 50 citizens. (Creative Class)

Fairytale “Het huis dat ik ben” + ideas and concepts about programming. Creative process with 20 stakeholders from the cultural and creative field. (Vlaams-Marokkaans huis Daarkom)

Some sectors and organisations  we worked for:

 Advertising sector – Commworld, Outsource, Impuls, Boondoggle, Wenneker. Provincial Government – Provinces of Limburg, Antwerp, East Flanders. 
Cities and communities: Alken, Brugge, Vorst, Elsene, Hasselt, Leuven, Lommel. VGC. Regional Goverment – Vdab, Wetenschapswinkels. Educational Institutions – Mater Dei Leuven, Mariaburcht Hasselt, Lucernacollege, Karel de Grote Hogeschool, TU Delft, Basiseducatie Brusselleer. Local branches of the sp.a in all Flemish Provinces. Cultural sector: Curieus nationaal, Daarkom, CJP. Women: Limburgse vrouwenraad, Zij-kant nationaal, Federatie Wereldvrouwen, KVLV. Youth: Chiro nationaal, MJA/Joetz, animo/JS, Humanistische Jongeren.  Conservation of Nature: Natuurvrienden. Development Aid: Fos. Health Services and Unions–  socialistische en christelijke. Employers Organisations–  Voka, Vkw Social Economy – Gors vzw, Aksi vzw. Aid/Care – Katharsis, Mané, Ter Heide. Sector Federations – Grafoc, Secretary Plus. Media Companies – Het Belang van Limburg, Concentra, Havana. Industry and Services – Axa, Delta LLoyd, Groep Boden, Tempera, Kluwer, Tui. Service Clubs – Soroptimisten, Rotary.